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Prayer Room Etiquette

…what ever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)
A. At the Orlando House of Prayer, we face unique challenges concerning social etiquette. Our calling as a round the clock, international ministry inevitably creates circumstances in which personal and corporate expectations of behavior collide as different cultures, ministerial backgrounds, social expectations concerning behavior, and standards of hygiene converge in one small room.

B. We have visitors come from all over, and it is our Joy to serve the Body of Christ around the world. For the good of others, we govern the prayer room under the principal of love. We have reduced the level of personal freedom in our midst so that we can, in love, enjoy the prayer room as visitors and staff alike. Our Christian freedom is exercised in restraint so that the good of others may prevail. So as you look over the OHOP prayer room etiquette, please look it over with the lens that we want everyone to enjoy the Lord in His house of prayer.

A. Conversations, no matter their brevity, are not allowed in the prayer room in order to maintain the atmosphere of a prayer sanctuary. So please feel free to step into the foyer or go outside to have personal conversations. Otherwise, one of our staff may kindly ask you to relocate your conversation.

B. Personal volume should be commensurate to or not exceeding the platform volume. When singing do not let your volume exceed the volume of those around you becoming a distraction.

C. If you pray on the microphone, please do not shout your prayer

D. Food and drinks are not permitted in the prayer room. Bottled water only

E. Please do not talk on your cell phone in the prayer room. If it is important that you receive calls, place your phone on vibrate, and then return the call in an area not used for prayer.

A. When you pray for the sick or are doing any type of ministry that is invited from the platform, please stand in front of the person you are praying for and limit the placement of your hand to the shoulder and arms, in a stationary manner (vs. rubbing) especially when praying for the opposite gender.

B. Please do not use and implements or props in worship like flags, banners, sticks, swords, or musical instruments (i.e. tambourines, shofars).

A. Bare feet are not permitted in the prayer room. Please keep your shoes on at all times.

B. Please do not put your feet on the chairs, including up on the back.

C. Please do not run in the prayer room.

A. Do not lie down on the chairs or floor or sleep for extended periods of time (“camp out”)

B. If we have a crowded prayer meeting, limit your personal space to one chair instead of three (maximum in less-crowed prayer meetings).

C. If you leave for an extended period of time (longer than a 2-hour prayer meeting), please take your belongings with you (especially from the tables) so others may use the space.

D. Please do not leave food, beverages, or belongings in the OHOP foyer.

E. Parents, keep your children with you at all times in the prayer room. Children should not be unsupervised in the prayer room (including pacing for children 6 and under). If it is difficult to maintain the protocol concerning space and volume (mentioned above), please move to the Hanna Section located in the back of the prayer room. Also, two families should not sit together in one row, as the children will likely want to play together. Parents are not to leave their children with other families, as issues of discipline are likely to arise.
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According to Ephesians 4:16, TOGETHER we make up the body of Christ built up in love and should therefore support one another.
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