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Full-Time Program

Why an Internship?
The goal of our internships is simple. We want to teach you how to encounter God. Spending time with God changes people. Because of God’s nature, to be with Him and stay unchanged is impossible. The challenge is finding the time. Keeping up with our responsibilities in the daily grind is simply part of life. That is why there is wisdom in taking seasons of consecration. In these times, God thrills our hearts with His beauty in a way that equips us to walk with Him faithfully even after the time of consecration.

Our desire is that those who take part in the Zeal Internship will not just leave with hearts bursting with fresh love for Jesus. We go further. We equip them with “holy habits,” to continue an enjoyable lifestyle of prayer & worship that leads to a lifetime of transformation. That’s why we’re building a 24-hour prayer room, a place to behold Jesus until we become like Him.
Logistically, what is necessary to do the full-time internship?
We have found that people need four logistical things to do the full-time internship:

1) Time- The full-time program is exactly that, a full-time program. It is difficult to impossible to carry on a job or school while you are doing the full-time internship. You need to be able to do this for about three months. You must also note that we have a strict tardiness and absence policy.  There is only a limited number of excused absences and tardies.

2) Housing- You either need to have your own housing in Orlando or we can provide you a host home for an additional charge.

3) Finance- You need enough money saved up to pay for bills, gas, food, etc for 3 months during the internship without working a job. You also need the funding to pay for the internship. If you need help, you can receive discounts for recruiting friends and for registering early. (See the “Price, Discounts, & Dates” tab.)

4) Transportation- You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the internship so you will need a dependable car.
How much time do I need to commit to the full-time internship?
Our full-time internship is exactly that, full-time.  Our full-time internship works well for those that are able to dedicate 40-50 hours/week to become fully immersed in a lifestyle of prayer and consecration. The internship runs three times per year. We run the Zeal internship in the spring typically from early February to early May. We typically run a summer internship from mid May to mid August. We also run a fall internship typically from early late August to mid-December. (You can see the exact dates under the “Prices, Discounts, & Dates” tab.) The bottom line is the time commitment is around 40-50 hours per week for about three months.
What will we be doing during a normal week?
The weekly schedule evolves from internship to internship, so we can give you general information that is less detailed but is certain for all the internship semesters in the foreseeable future. We can also give you more specific information, which is more detailed; however, this more specific information is highly subject to change. 

Generally speaking, we are committed to providing three things for all internships in the foreseeable future. You will be immersed in: 
  1. Prayer and Worship
  2. The Word of God
  3. Coaching in your Spiritual Gifts
Here is an explanation of each of the elements on previous schedules. (Again, these elements are subject to change):
Prayer Room (Prayer & Worship)- The core of the Intensive is the prayer room. Here, you will engage in vibrant worship, learn to commune with God, deepen your love for Scripture, and shape history through prayers for justice.

Book Major Class (The Word of God) - During class time, we will discuss the practicals of how to study the Bible.

Evening Core Classes (The Word of God) – These will be classes on OHOP’s core values. Various teachers will teach them. Here are some of our class topics which are available in different semesters:
Holy Spirit (The Word of God)- The Spirit is moving in the church today. This class will teach on the Holy Spirit and His work in the earth.

Sermon on the Mount (The Word of God)- Matthew 5-7 is Jesus delivering a message about the Kingdom Lifestyle.

Leadership (The Word of God)-We will explore how to grow as a Christian leader.

Five-Fold Ministry Gifting (The Word of God)-This class will help you discover your personal calling and spiritual gifts.

Theology of Night and Day Prayer (The Word of God)-This class covers the why behind the what. This teaching is about why a person would lay down their life for the cause of night and day prayer.

Inner Healing (The Word of God)-We will explore some of the common wounds that people face so that we can see the Holy Spirit work restoration.

Identity in Christ (The Word of God)-We will study who Christ created us to be and gain further understanding of who we are as a new creation.

Life of David (The Word of God)- This class will explore the heart of the great worshipper, David.  David’s life will speak to you no matter what is your place in life.

Revelation (The Word of God)- This class will give you a sound overview of this book.

Intimacy with Jesus (The Word of God)- This class will explore God’s love song to His church, the Song of Solomon.  It will spur you on into deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Music Class (Prayer & Worship) -This will be an opportunity for you to learn how to lead worship. You will learn about the heart of leading worship and about OHOP’s “Harp & Bowl” model. During this class, you will learn how to play the piano. You will learn about music theory and be coached vocally.

Book Major (The Word of God)- In this class you will not merely learn what the Bible teaches, but you will learn how to study the Bible for yourself. Each intern will choose several books from the Bible, which they will study in depth during the internship.

All Intern Fellowship Night (The Word of God & Community)- This is an opportunity to fellowship over a meal while we learn more about the vision of night and day prayer in the Bible.

Cleaning-We will help with cleaning the building every week.

Revive Orlando (Prayer & Worship)- This is OHOP’s weekly corporate service where we worship and receive teaching from Carlos Sarmiento and various teachers. It is a free environment for the Holy Spirit to move.
If I am not from Orlando, where can I live?
This internship includes lodging for an extra fee. (See the “Prices, Discounts, and Dates” tab.) Many of these interns live in host homes organized by OSM.  You will also have to go through an application process including providing housing references.
Should I do the full-time or part-time internship?
If it is at all possible, we strongly recommend the full-time internship over the part-time internship. The internship is like anything else in life. You get out of it what you put into it. If you do the full-time internship, you will get the full experience. If you do the part-time internship, you will get the partial experience. We have found that those who participate in the full-time internship are impacted greater and for longer time. Please note that many elements of the internship are only for full-timers.
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According to Ephesians 4:16, TOGETHER we make up the body of Christ built up in love and should therefore support one another.
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